Employment Law London provides services to both employees and employers. Employees and employers are protected by and subject to employment legislation.

Employment Law London provides services to both employees and employers.

Employees may feel aggravated, harassed, discriminated against or unfairly dismissed by their employers. Your rights are set out by The Law.

Employers may wish to instruct lawyers to defend claims made by employees. To avoid claims, the best way  is to have a well written Staff Handbook which essentially sets out the rules for employees; for some guidance see our Employer’s section.

Solicitors at Employment Law London can help you to understand your rights, advance claims or defences, negotiate settlement and advocate your case in employment tribunals.

Employment Law London operates a “No Win No Fee” system.

To speak directly to one of our solicitors, please call us on  0207 632 6950 to make an appointment for a free half an hour meeting at our office at 75 Farringdon Road, London EC1M 3JY.

Angus Logan - angus.logan@maxwellalves.com (our representative in Scotland) 

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