Employment Law London provides services to both employees and employers. Employees and employers are protected by and subject to employment legislation.

We represent employers at Tribunal and Court hearings. There is a large amount of work that is required to be prepared prior to the Hearing, such as the preparation of Witness Statements and Bundles.

Witness Statements and Bundles

In civil proceedings, a Witness Statement is required to be exchanged prior to the Hearing otherwise the witness may not be able to give evidence. For example, A was dismissed for gross misconduct because he was drinking alcohol whilst on duty. A’s colleague, B, witnessed this. B will be a witness at the Hearing but must provide a Witness Statement beforehand.

The Bundle is the documentary evidence that the Judge and Wing Members will refer to. This should be indexed, tabbed and paginated. It is also better to cross-reference the Witness Statement to the relevant page numbers of the Bundle.


Our advocates will guide you and the witnesses of the procedures at the Tribunal to put you at ease. We will cross-examine the employee and his / her witnesses to attempt to obtain evidence in your favour.

A decision may not be made on the day. The Judge may make a ‘reserved judgment’ which means that he / she requires time and consultation with his Wing Members before making a final decision.

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