Finding a job through speculative applications

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Finding a job through speculative applications

This week’s article is about finding a job. Finding a job may seem like a difficult task but in fact, it is not as daunting as you think. If we think about it, the economy needs people working so that people can have goods and services – from doing food shopping, to buying clothes, to doing your banking, etc. There is a natural demand for workers and you are the supply. When people ask whether or not you are working, perhaps a more suitable question would be: “Are you contributing to the economy?” This article will look at the use of speculative applications to apply for jobs and how you can contribute to the economy quicker than you think.

In my position as a partner, I have seen thousands of CVs. In April 2014, I was interviewed by Warwick University for my advice on speculative applications. The interviewer quoted me as saying I “assess speculative CVs and cover letters in 20-30 seconds”. I cannot say that all employers have the same method as me but I can give you my own suggestions on how to make your CV be noticed within those 30 seconds:

  • Have a look at the company’s website and think about what skills they require.
  • Are there any unique skills you can provide the company? Everyone can say they are a “team player” or “enthusiastic”, and so you are mixed in a pool of many other candidates. Perhaps you have experience in the role they have advertised and can mention this in the cover letter and near the top of the CV.
  • If you do not think you have any unique skills, then is there some ordinary skill you can offer but in more quantity? For example, if you are capable of working more than 60 hours per week, mention this in the CV and cover letter.
  • How can you demonstrate your commitment to the company? Perhaps you wish to go through their training program and reach a managerial level there?
  • The CV is more important than the cover letter.  If you lack time, submit the CV and leave out the cover letter.
  • E-mail your CV and any cover letter to the employer.
  • Maintain an optimistic attitude when drafting your CV as having a negative attitude will be reflected in your drafting.

I hope I have given some helpful tips for making speculative job applications. Maxwell Alves has offices in London, Edinburgh and Hong Kong and we are currently recruiting for the following:

  • Legal Assistants for each of our offices in London, Edinburgh and Hong Kong
  • A Litigation Solicitor or an experienced Litigation Paralegal
  • A Property Solicitor

Further details can be obtained from our website: . If you are interested in the above roles, please email your CV in confidence to:

According to an independent research, more than have of CVs submitted by job applicants contains lies or inaccuracies. There are possible civil and criminal implications of this. The civil implications are if the employer finds out, the employee can be dismissed for gross misconduct as the employee is in breach of the duty of mutual trust and confidence. The employee can also be sued as their representation may have induced the employer to offering them an employment contract. Possible criminal implications include being prosecuted for fraud. The first fraud prosecution was back in 2010 where a woman working as a hospital administrator was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for lying she had 2 A-levels when she did not. She also provided a fake reference under the name of her boyfriend. There have been prosecutions of other people since then. Usually they are found out after their work performance does not match their experience stated on their CV and an investigation is then carried out by the employer.

As part of our services, Maxwell Alves can also draft CVs for individuals, whether this is for a job application or as part of their business plan in immigration applications.

Maxwell Alves wishes you the best of luck and a happy job hunting!

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